oil painting

Ain't Nobody Got Time for This Patchy Mess by Sovereign

My descent into gold paint madness begins and perhaps ends with this full-panel coverage I'm attempting recently.

Welcome to my personal hell: 


Take a gander at that patchiness! The info on Gamblin's website indicated that their Pale Gold paint is best used over a layer of Olive Green because once it's spread onto the surface, it's quite transparent. Guess who ain't got time for ordering an extra tube of paint? -> This guy. <- (Also, someone think of my wallet!)  So I mixed an approximate hue with a few colors I already had on hand, painted the panel, and let it dry for 24 hours, confident that I'd just gamed the system and saved myself about $13 + shipping.

Well, as soon as I started slapping on the oh-so-shiny Pale Gold the day after, I immediately saw the error of my ways. Namely, this paint is not ideal for surface coverage whatsoever. It doesn't go on evenly and has an irritating habit of leaving behind tiny clumps that can't be easily worked into the surface (at least, not without pulling up the surrounding fresh paint resulting in an ever-downward spiral into madness as your desperate attempts to patch the patches make more patches). 

I'm not saying it's entirely impossible to make it work, but this particular color isn't cheap ($25 for the small tube) and I quickly became convinced that I'd need to use an obscene number of layers for even coverage (on top of lots of drying time in between) to produce the gilded ground I was aiming for. 

Thus far in my oil paint re-education, I've been really happy with Gamblin's paints. I'm willing to say that it's very likely user error here and perhaps there's someone out there who is much smarter than I at making this particular color sing its sweet music. 


This was going nowhere fast and I decided to just take an arrow to the knee and invest in some actual gold leaf. I'm thinking that it'll actually come out to be more cost-effective in the long run and it'll be fun to say that my painting has real gold slathered all over it (while the "Pale Gold" paint looks pretty, it's actually composed of a bronze powder). 

I'm sure I'll find a use for the paint in the future ...and I kind of bought the other 3 metallics in that line so... gotta find some way to justify my purchase... but I'm not a particularly persistent person so it's been relegated back to the storage box for the time being.

 Will update with the process of applying the leaf once it arrives. I promise. Believe me. ♥